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About Us

Astric is a Sudanese company that helps innovating information technology and providing high quality solutions.

Our Mission

Providing innovative, high-quality solutions and services at an effective cost.

Our Values

our mission and core values drive our culture and are the foundation of our practice.

Our Goal

To become an integrated company and a pioneer in in the in the era of the digital industry. .


We offer a range of programming services and all services related to the field of information technology.

Enterprise system management

A management system for all departments of the institution and linking them together to facilitate decision-making for managers and knowledge of the situation in the institution.

Decision support systems

Decision support systems are systems that come from analyzing the data of the company and extracting reports from the data that help in making decisions.

Website design

We offer a set of designs for institutions' websites to show the company's components in the best shape to the audience we deal with

Astric ERP System

Integrated system that contains all the components needed by any organization

Shop management system
Company sales management system
Human Resource system
Pharmacy management system
Complete Dispensary management system
Lap management system
School and institute management system

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